"Take action and let change happen”, couldn’t have said it better myself! I was a bit skeptical about “life coaching”, I gotta be honest 🙂 But these guys really know what they’re doing and have helped me to improve in several areas of my life. Success can happen, and Roots Coaching can help to make it happen for you.   - Sandra V., 35, San Francisco, CA

"I came to Matt because I heard through a friend that he was the man to go to to get back into the dating game. I had gotten out of a 6-year relationship about 2 years ago, and I HAD NOT BEEN ON A DATE SINCE, or even had the COURAGE TO ASK A GIRL OUT...However, after working with Matt for only a few weeks, I'd gone on 3 dates. My confidence in my own abilities has significantly increased.  He showed me possibilities that I never knew existed, and he has a very contagious positive attitude. Overall, I have been working with Matt for 2 months now, and it is honestly the best investment I've made in myself for a LONG TIME! I highly recommend Matt if you want to get back into the dating game and have fun with it too!" - James Howard, 42, San Francisco, CA

"Roots Coaching is like having a coach in your boxing corner. Life can throw jabs, hooks, uppercuts and body blows, but a good coach can help to inspire you to fight back and WIN. Roots Coaching is my “corner man”, and I have been kicking butt ever since I first connected with them."     - Jason Howard, 27, Las Vegas, NV

"We went in downtown SD for 3 hours and man was this experience fuckin nerve-racking yet very transformative. Matt pushed me and kept challenging me to "open sets". I was nervous as shit when I first got there, but man when I finished those 3 hours I had talked to 10 groups of people, had 4 great conversations and got a phone number from a girl (who I think is WAY out of my leauge- haha)! " - Sean Karp, 28, San Diego, CA

"Matt helped me to bring about change in my life that I had had on my mind for a long time, but had been unable to put into action. I changed careers, finally and am feeling fulfilled and satisfied. I needed some encouragement and guidance to “get over the hump” and now I feel like a new man. Thank you!"  - Tyler Thompson, 35, San Diego, CA

"I’ve never really had a lot of luck with women, and have always been shy when trying to meet women.  I’m a pretty normal guy, but I just freeze up when a pretty girl walks past me. I saw Matt’s website and thought I’d give it a try. After coaching with Matt, I’m not going to say that I’m Don Juan now, but I don’t freeze up and I am gaining confidence and making progress in meeting and talking to women, and have better self-esteem." - Dave Snell, 25, Los Angeles, CA

"Matt has helped me identify personal road blocks that have kept me stuck. Then developed a plan that works for me! He keeps me focused and on track. He keeps me accountable and at the pace that moves me forward- into tangible results. Sometimes you just need a consistent supportive person...who empowers you to get out of that rut...Matt is the guy! I found a job in a new area that I'm sure I would still be sitting here thinking of all the reasons why I couldn't...Matt said I could and made me believe it too! Thanks Matt! You're awesome!" - Lisa M., 46, Portland, OR

"I am recently on the rebound after a 7, yes 7 year relationship. After that amount of time with one person, my game with the ladies was not as strong as it had been in the past. Coaching with Matt helped me to move forward with a new confidence, and a new approach, that has helped me to go on some good dates with intelligent and attractive women. It’s tough moving on after a long term relationship, but Matt has got your back." - Adam Walker, 37, Los Angeles, CA

"Matt - wanted to let you know how helpful our session Monday was. I now have a photo of someone slowly paddling a canoe on a quiet lake taped to my bulletin board at work and it's working! Moving ahead on my project and feeling so much better! Thanks." - Carol Newman., 52, San Francisco, CA

"I can't even express how much my life has improved in the past 4 months since I started date coaching with Matt. I look and feel so much better, my place is no longer "embarrassing" to walk into, I'm in an awesome relationship, and I'm exercising regularly. I was  hesitant to see a dating coach at first because I thought I could figure it out on my own, which I know I can but the process would have been much much longer. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't start years ago. I'm so grateful for our coaching relationship." -Zack Marcy, 35, San Francisco, CA

"Matt has an amazing way of using visual imagery and intuition together. He has guided me through a challenging transition in my life. I highly recommend Matt as a life coach." - Samantha Myers., 28, San Francisco, CA

"The only way I've dated (up until last month) was meeting people through friends and online, with little success. I was really limiting my options of potentially meeting the "right" match. Online dating was so time consuming, and the MOST IMPORTANT THING WAS MISSING...CHEMISTRY-  which you can't determine from online dating. So, I searched on Yelp and found Matt and I was curious to see if he could teach me a few things about approaching and talking with women, in a respectful way.
He taught me the importance of body language, ways to increase my confidence, and strategies for approaching women and continuing the conversation. His enthusiastic, and personable attitude is empowering. Since working with Matt, a little over a month, I have asked 3 women out(that I just met!!), and my dating life has totally transformed! I highly recommend Matt if you want to improve your dating life." - Mike Hence, 33, San Francisco, CA

"I've been working with Matt over a month now and when I think of Matt's coaching, the words that immediately come to mind are eye opening, life changing, transformative experience. Thanks Matt!" - Lindsey Miller, 31, Oakland, CA

"In this fast-paced and busy world, it is beneficial to have someone like Matt on your team to not only encourage you, but to keep you on track to achieving your goals and becoming the best you can be." - Jack W., 41, San Francisco, CA