Life Is About The Journey


I believe everything in life happens for a reason. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to improve as individuals. I want to share a few of my life experiences to not only tell you a little bit about my background, but to hopefully inspire you as well.

Alpine Lake, CA

Many have said I’ve been through the depths of hell, surviving a plane crash that killed my mother, and left me in a coma for a month at age 10. From there I spent several months in therapy relearning the basic human functions like walking, talking, dressing and feeding myself. This was a very confusing and depressing time in my life, and it forced me to realize how fragile life is, and more importantly how short it can be. This hit home again when my father unexpectedly died when I was 30 years old. The unexpected death of my father was a devastating loss and hit really hard because he was a huge inspiration and motivation for me.

I was angry and upset for months. I kept asking "Why me??", and at such a young age too. This anger and confusion consumed so much of my energy. One day, I decided things had to change or I would continue to spiral down. So, I came to the understanding that there is no point in being miserable because in life, horrible things DO happen, and at the same time there are SO MANY things in life to be grateful for, and that life REALLY is a gift.

It was imperative for me to go through the grieving process and understand that death is a part of life; and although incredibly saddened by the deaths of my parents, I was content because I knew how much of an impact they had on the lives of people around them, including my sister and me.

Change is possible


At age 16, I had severe scoliosis (curvature in the spine) and could not walk straight or without pain. It was debilitating, both physically and emotionally. I was embarrassed and afraid to talk to my peers for fear of being judged. This prevented me from experiencing and fully enjoying life. The doctors I had spoken to told me that the only way for my back to get better, was to have surgery. I knew BACK SURGERY was risky so that was a route I WAS NOT WILLING TO TAKE. I was emotionally drained, and tired of struggling and suffering. I was determined to make a change and improve myself both emotionally and physically. I was determined to improve my back WITHOUT SURGERY, and overcome my self-sabotaging FEAR OF BEING JUDGED by my peers..

Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

I searched for books that could help me improve myself and become more confident in being the unique person I am. I found a book titled "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" by Sean Covey, son of the critically acclaimed author, Steven Covey, which encouraged me and gave me the tools to begin to transform my life. Ultimately, changed my frame of mind or shifted the paradigms I had set about the world around me. I began to look at HOW people saw me from a completely NEW perspective- 'people WERE interested in me and WANTED to get to know me'. This allowed me to look at life and the way I viewed others COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY. I knew I HAD to remain determined and CONSTANTLY motivated to reach my end goal- not let my SELF-DEFEATING THOUGHTS OVERPOWER my DESIRE TO IMPROVE AND CHANGE, and eventually form it into a HABIT.

Throughout this process I discovered that PEOPLE DID LIKE ME, and they were CURIOUS ABOUT ME. In fact, many others had the same fear I had of being judged. Though perseverance, and a DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED, I learned to confidently speak to my peers.

For months, I researched ways to DECREASE THE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT caused by the Scoliosis; and spoke with many health professionals- including personal trainers and physical therapists to seek out ways I could improve my back. I received loads of insightful information and decided to CREATE A DAILY EXERCISE PROGRAM and RELAXATION TECHNIQUES- including meditation, music, and prayer, and miraculously the pain and discomfort that lasted OVER TWO YEARS finally dissipated. Today, I can walk pain-free.

This chapter of my life showed me that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, with hard work and perseverance; and that perceptions can MAKE OR BREAK a person. It opened my eyes to the world of possibility and how POWERFUL the mind can be.


You may trip and fall, but the important part is which direction you go from there


I was so excited because I got accepted into Physical Therapy school to receive my Doctorate. I find it so fascinating how the human body functions, and how much power the mind has over the bodys function. PT seemed like the perfect fit because wanted to help people the way physical and occupational therapists had helped me when recovering from the plane crash.  I also wanted so much to inspire people, especially people with disabilities, to show them that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE though hard-work and perseverance! 

Delray Beach, FL

While in PT school, I had a more difficult time than most of the students due to my only remaining disability from the plane crash I experienced. The disability is focal dystonia, which makes it more challenging for me to hand-write and perform fine motor tasks, which a PT is required to do. Entering the PT program, I believed I could perform the requirements of a PT, but halfway through the program I learned that it was physically too challenging to successfully complete my courses. I was required to leave PT school after a year and a half of attending. This was challenging because my heart was set on being a PT; yet I came to an understanding that this was simply not the career I was meant to pursue.

At this point, I had to take a step back, and look at my life from a new perspective to help me see what was possible at this point in my career. I looked at WHAT I VALUED and the SKILLS I HAD DEVELOPED throughout my life to decide on a new path.

I have always had a natural curiosity and love for humanity. I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams.

After months of self-reflection, and exploring a wide range of careers from web-development to social work and not feeling the right fit, a friend hit me with some insightful information. We met for lunch and he brought up the subject about how he had just got done speaking with his life coach. I gave him a confused look and asked, “Life coach? What’s that?” He briefly explained what a life coach was and howworking with his coach had changed his life and helped him to get re-aligned, focused, and feeling alive again. I was curious, anddesperately wanted to feel alive again. I felt so small in this huge world and knew I had a message and gift to share with the world, I just needed someone to assist me in discovering what it was. I decided to contact a life coach after hearing my friend's story. After speaking to a life coach, I left with a huge smile on my face and knew in my heart that I was meant to be a life coach.

We are all of the human race

Mallorca, Spain


Every person on this earth has unique experiences and circumstances in life. Thankfully, I understood this at an early age, given my unique living situations and travels.

I value keeping an open-mind and respect toward all nationalities and cultures because it is vital to learning and understanding humanity. All around the world we all have the same natural desires to survive and replicate, and have been brought up in a particular culture or lifestyle that shape the unique person you and I have become. I have spent years studying and learning how to effectively communicate with all types of people, and continue to learn everyday because I am passionate about connecting and understanding others.

My unique education and life experiences allow me to guide others to a deep sense of purpose, and enthusiasm for each new day.

Wake up world! Forget about the past for it's over, and all we have is right now

Lagos, Portugal


Seriously, anything is possible. My life has taught me to not be a victim of circumstance but to create the life you want. The important part to remember is that all we have is right now, and that the past and future is an illusion- so enjoy where you are at in this moment.

Let me help you take action and let change happen.