Past events haunt all of us and the future weighs heavy. Our what ifs, maybes, and not good enoughs paralyze us and prevent us from enjoying what we have right in front of us – the beauty of a sunset, accolades for a successful project, the smell of freshly baked bread, a good friend. We accept our past as who we are, and yet, we would all like to break out of that mold and truly enjoy life for what it is. 

How To Live In The Present Moment, Version 2.0 will gently guide you through breaking the shackles of your debilitating thought patterns of the past and future and give you the tools to live in the Present Moment. 

The methods I describe will lead you through the unknown jungle of self-doubt and I will show you how you can forgive yourself and those around you so that you can move on to become who you truly are NOW, not who you were yesterday. I discuss how you can meaningfully plan for your future without getting bogged down in trying to predict what might happen. 

So take my hand and let’s stroll down the path of self-discovery and celebrate the true and happy new you – the you who has been waiting patiently in the wings for you to discover how to live in the Present Moment and thus discover true happiness. 

It is time to break out of your self-imposed jail sentence to experience freedom of your body and mind using the power of the Present Moment!

Inside this book, you will be given specific strategies to take any negative mindset, attitude, thought and transform it into a positive one so that it can work for you, not against you... 

You Will Soon Find Out:
- How To Have A Positive Mindset And How To Use It To Attract What You Want In Life 

- The Amazing Benefits of Positive Thinking 

- How To Stop Negative Thinking 

- How To End All Negative Self Talk 

- How To Have A Positive Attitude For The Rest Of Your Life 

- How To Begin Manifesting & Attracting What You Want Into Your Life

Inside this book you will find a step-by-step formula that works and is smooth from Step 1 (creating the goal) to Step 10 (rewarding yourself for the accomplished goal). 

Here Is An Overview Of What's Inside:
- The 10 Step Formula For Successfully Set Up and Achieving Your Goals 

- Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated 

- How To Apply SMART Goals To Your Life (Money, Health, Relationships) 

- How To Have A Solid Mindset Of Excellence 

- Plenty of Examples To Make Your Goals Easier To Create 

- Techniques For Life Coaching Yourself And Holding Yourself Accountable 

- And Much, Much More!

How To Talk To Anyone: Conversation Tactics For Introverts

Imagine How It Would Feel To Have The Ability To Talk To Anyone...That Lady Sitting Across The Room From You Sipping On Her Latte...The Man Sitting Next To You On The Plane...The Person Next To You Who Is Also Standing At The Crosswalk...And To Have The Ability To Turn This Conversation Into A Long-Term Friendship... 

That is exactly what this book is about. You will be taken step-by-step so that you will have the ability to start a conversation with anyone, never run out of things to say, and most of all turn that conversation into a lasting friendship. 

About 7 years ago, after my 5-year relationship ended, I felt it was confused and like I had lost my ability to connect with others. The simple thought of talking to someone new gave me chills down my spine. I was afraid to talk to people because I thought I would be perceived as boring and run out of things to say. Then I woke up one day and thought to myself, we are all human, we all have fears and the only way to overcome the fears is to take action - so I went out into the world and experimented. Over the next few months, I talked to thousands of people, had thousands of meaningful conversation that have turned into long-lasting friendships. I learned the secret of how to talk to anyone, and I want to share it with you because I've learned is that the ability to connect and fully understand other people is by far the most powerful tool you can have in life.

Have You Ever Spotted Someone You Wanted To Talk To, But You Didn't Know What To Say or How To Approach?
The Conversation Method is a proven-to-work 10-step formula. It has been successfully used for dating, networking, and enjoying conversations with anyone you see. 

It was written for introverts, people who want to make friends or get more dates, and for anyone who wants to know how to feel comfortable when meeting strangers and having unforgettable conversations with anyone. 

Inside You Will Discover:
- The 10 Steps To Having A Successful Conversation 

- How To Spot a Stranger and Initiate a Conversation 

- Over 25 Awesome Conversation Starters (to use at a networking event, in a bar, on the street, and more!)

Are You A Bit Shy? Does Small Talk Feel Clumsy and Awkward To You? Do You Feel Uncomfortable Starting A Conversation?
If YES, then this book is for you because it is designed to give you a fresh new perspective on how you feel about small talk - it will give you the wings you need to feel comfortable and competent to start a small talk conversation with that attractive woman sitting across from to you at the coffee shop, or the man in your neighborhood who you've always been curious about. 

- You will be guided with 11 powerful beliefs/affirmations so that you will never feel awkward in conversation again. 

- You will be given strategies so that you will feel a strong connection in as little as 2 minutes. 

- If You Are Looking To Meet New People or Make New Friends, The Small Talk Method Gives You Over 15 of the Best Locations To Meet People.

Storytelling Is One Of The Greatest Skills A Person Can Have, Yet Only Few People Know How To Really Tell A Story.
This storytelling method is a proven-to-work method. You can use it not only for presentations and speeches, but most importantly in everyday life situations to take literally anything that happened to you, make it sound intriguing, and completely capture the listener's attention. 

Inside You Will Discover:
- The 10 Simple Steps To Making Any Story Powerful 

- How To Easily Talk To Anyone 

- The Secret Strategy That Master Storytellers Use 

- How To Tell An Inspirational, Hilarious, or Scary Story That People Will Not Forget 

- How To Break the Ice With A Neighbor, Co-Worker, or Someone Your Attracted To

Learn The Secrets That Master Minds Have Kept Hidden For Years! As NLP is becoming more recognized, managers turn to it when hiring; police officers and FBI agents use it when "smelling a rat"; pick up artists apply it to help understand female psychology; and people use it everyday to advance their communication skills to attract wealth and better relationships! 

You'll Soon Find Out How To: 
- Improve Every Relationship (Family, Work, Significant Other) 

- Understand What People Are Really Saying 

- How To Detect A Lie 

- How To Read Body Language (even what the feet are saying) 

- How To Save Time & Maximize Your Productivity 

- How To Turn A Negative Situation Into A Positive One 

- How To Motivate Yourself - And Much, Much More!