09 Mar 2017

Eliminate Stress to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

I’ve found that stress can have compounding negative effects on your well-being. One adverse event such as getting fired or losing a close friend can spiral into a flurry of negative outcomes. Without being aware of the triggers, it can be overwhelming to make improvements in your life. If you

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02 Mar 2017

Change Your Self Image With Positive Thinking

Many people don’t realize the influence that your self-image has over your progress in life. Changing your mindset may seem difficult at first glance, but committing to positive thinking will help you to become much more confident in your endeavors. If you view yourself as inferior, chances are that you won’t

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23 Feb 2017

7 Effective Tips to Motivate Your Success

We all dream about big changes in our lives that will bring us greater levels of success and prosperity. Although actually working towards those achievements can be a cumbersome task. Without being able to motivate yourself, your aspirations will always be distant from reality. You Have the Power to Motivate

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16 Feb 2017

Seeing the Good in Others – Positivity in Your Relationships

“Don’t let the encounters you have with those who hurt you in the past stop you completely from seeing the good in others.”  ~ Terry Mark Often our relationships suffer because we focus on the past and only see the negative in other people. In order to flourish in your

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09 Feb 2017

Living in the Present Moment – Benefits of Changing Your Mindset

If you are not living in the present moment, you’re wasting your precious time wandering outside of reality. You want to embrace the now in order to find balance in your everyday actions. The best way to change your life is to focus on being mindful of the present. Life is Full

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01 Feb 2017

7 Positive Affirmations That Will Transform Your Thinking

In order to truly embrace the power of your positivity, you should realize that your path in life is defined by your thoughts. All of your actions will stem directly from what you believe you can do. The best way to purify your mind is to restructure the way you

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28 Jan 2017

Living on Purpose – Find Your Why

Chances are if you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, it won’t suddenly come as an epiphany. Now I don’t mean what you do on a daily basis or what professional goals you’ve set. I’m talking about the real reason you were put here. The meaning of your existence. Many of

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19 Jan 2017

10 Meaningful Ways to Simplify Your Life

Learning how to simplify your life will reduce your stress level and help you to enjoy living in the present moment. Getting to simplicity is a journey that involves getting rid of the excess in your life and reevaluating what is important to you. If you want to simplify your life,

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12 Jan 2017

Goal Setting for Exponential Success in Your Career

You can live a wonderful life through goal setting, self-improvement and positive affirmations. Successful professionals set career goals as they continuously seek to grow intellectually and remain relevant in an ever-changing job market. Goal Setting is the Key to Achieving your Aspirations Do you dream of getting a promotion or getting hired at

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05 Jan 2017

8 Ways to Stay Positive During a Difficult Time

Did you know the people who seem the happiest often face the greatest struggles? Staying positive will fuel your motivation to achieve your goals. Optimism can turn the most negative experience into a learning experience, it is all about embracing the power of choice. Take control of the situation by

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