What makes Matt unique?

Before discovering his passion for Coaching, Matt worked for years in the corporate world as a marketing executive and he even was halfway done with getting his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. His Bachelor's is in Business Administration/Marketing with a minor in Psychology from California State University, Fresno. 

 In 2012, Matt became a Certified Life Coach(CPCC) and found his passion for working with people who are "stuck", as he was back in 2012. He went through an intensive training program at one of the most prestigious and highly recognized schools in the industry, The Coaches Training Institute. He has traveled much of the globe from Australia, across Europe, and parts of Central America because he sets goals for himself and knows how to accomplish them.

Matt is passionate about choosing a life he wants to live and he knows through his experience that everything is not under his control, but of the things he can control, he makes things happen and doesn't let the little things get in the way. And yes, as you may have read in "Matt's Journey", he has had many struggles, including the horrific plane crash he was in, or the time he got mugged in the early evening by 5 guys and was almost killed!  He has worked hard to change his perspective on particular issues, which have allowed him to be a more understanding and empathetic individual. But more importantly, he doesn't let the road blocks get in his way...if he falls down, he learns from it and gets right back up to keep pushing forward. This is what Matt is passionate about and this is where Matt wants to work with you so that you too, can get where you want to be in your personal and professional life. 

"If you wish to change your life, first you must change the way you perceive your life." -Roger Ellerton, PhD